Evenflo Portable Babysuite , Penelope Review

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  • Floormat converts to Playtime Playmat with toys to create a clean, safe play space for baby.
  • Rotate-to-Store Changer rotates to the side when not in use.
  • EZ zip-in bassinet with light blocking side panels
  • No lock hinges for easy set up and tear downRear wheels for hassle free portability
  • Rear wheels for hassle free portability
  • Lightweight with travel bag included for easy transportDual-pocket fabric console for baby necessities
  • Dual-pocket fabric console for baby necessitiesDetachable toy bar with 3 toys keep baby entertained.
  • Detachable toy bar with 3 toys keep baby entertained.


  • Not as big as other rectangular play yard.



Most users of Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe I came across think that it’s “amazing for the price.” Users’ feedback about the product is rather diverse as expected- with one user liking a feature while another hates it- and vice versa. All in all, everybody seems to love its lightweight, its compact fold and the ease of setting/packing it up. However, some felt that the changing table is too flimsy, while some complained that its four-piece folding mattress is hard and uncomfortable. Well, I think these are things you can ease off if you want a handy, portable pack ‘n play.

To be honest, I have kept the Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe in my list of best pack ‘n play because it is value-for-money. If you’re a little tight on budget but you still want the best pack ‘n play with all the facilities for your baby, the Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe is your answer. You won’t get a better pack ‘n play at such a price with such facilities- that much I can assure you.

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Evenflo Portable Babysuite

There aren’t many female themed pack ‘n play you will find in the market. Even if you do, they’ll seldom serve the purposes you’re looking for. But I guess the Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe, in Penalope theme,  is one of the few pack ‘n play that it not only feminine, but also very handy and slick. It has all the features an ideal pack ‘n play should include.

Space utilization at its best

The Evenflo Babysuite is a very light pack ‘n play only about 19 pounds! Much engineering is applied in the Babysuite to incorporate all the essential features of pack n plays but still keep it light and convenient.

The Evenflo Babysuite Deluxe features a rotate-to-store diaper-changer that rotates to the side when not in use, allowing more space for your baby girl’s comfort. The floor mat of the pack ‘n play bassinet can be converted to a playtime playmat. You can dislodge the toybar from the pack ‘n play and attach it to the play mat. Your little one can have her familiar toys wherever she rests- on the bassinet or on the playmat!

Comfort for baby, comfort for you

The Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe does not compromise on either your baby’s comfort, or yours. The bassinet can easily be zipped to attach or remove it from the pack ‘n play. The bassinet’s sides are designed to protect your resting baby from bright lights. As she sleeps comfortably, so do you- even after sunrise!

To add to your comfort, the Babysuite Deluxe has no lock-hinges. This means setting up and tearing down the pack ‘n play can be done without any hassle. Thus, traveling with your baby will be as enjoyable as when you’re home!


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