Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Playard Review

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  • Removable inclined sleeper with machine-washable pad and head support.
  • Portable changing clutch with built –in wipes container.
  • Comfortable padded play yard mat.
  • Inclined sleeper, changing station and play yard in one.
  • Carry bag for easy, hands-free carry and storage.


  • The mattress of this particular playard is kinder hard and has minimal padding.



In order to keep my reviews honest and unbiased, I always mention the common complaints mentioned by the users. To my astonishment- I could not find any complaint about the Ultra-Lite. All the users I came across have vouched for its lightweight, it’s sturdy structure, it’s portability. I must still mention that Ultra-Lite is not wheeled- so you won’t be able to push it around from room to room. Then again- who needs wheels when you can just pick and place it wherever you want!

Fisher-Price has truly maintained their goodwill through the Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard. The innovative diaper-clutch, the easy-clean fabrics, the sleeper being inclined just the way babies like to fall asleep- are features that show how capable and dedicated Fisher-Price is to ensure the comfort of both you and your newborn. If you have to travel frequently with your baby, or if you simple want a pack ‘n play to make your parenthood hassle-free, then I believe there aren’t many pack ‘n plays that will serve you better than Fisher-Price’s Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard.

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Full Guide For Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite

If you are the kind of person who likes unique products; and of course if you’re a parent to-be or a new parent who is looking for a classy pack and play for your child- then I’m sure you’re looking for Fisher-Price’s Ultra-Lite Day and Night Playard. When I first saw it I was wondering why they had to design something totally out of the box and different from other playard in the market. But as I dug deeper into it, I found what a marvelous product the Ultra-Lite is.

All the care, half the weight!

First of all, Fisher-Price is NOT exaggerating at all by naming the playpen Ultra-Lite. The whole set-up weighs less than 15 pounds- only half the weight of other playards you can find. However, the ingenious designers made sure that cutting the weight doesn’t curtail the utilities and comfort you want from a playard.

The Ultra-Lite Day and Night Playard has a gently inclined sleeper made of machine-washable fabric. It features soft padded cushions and head rest for total comfort, and a three-point harness to keep your baby safely rested on it. The sleeper is nestled on top of a spacious and airy playard that can be used long after your little one outgrows the sleeper.

In addition, the Ultra-Lite features an exclusive “diaper-clutch”- a portable changing station made with easy-clean vinyl cloth. The clutch is designed to hold wipes and diapers. So you can change baby’s diaper and clean-up with ease- at home or on the go.

Traveling made easy

It’s undeniable that the weight of a pack ‘n play is the most important factor when you’re considering travelling with it. With its light weight and strong built, the Ultra-Lite is truly a portable playard. It has no loose parts- so it can be assembled and dismantled single-handedly, in just a few quick steps. The handy carry-bag makes travelling with the Ultra-Lite even more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does this play yard have a weight limit for the playard itself?
    A: It actually sits on the floor, so no weight limit.
  • Q: Can you take this as a carry on when traveling by plane?
    A: It’s going to be a bit too big for being a carry-on.
  • Q: Is this much smaller than a standard pack n play?
    A: Yes! And so much lighter.
  • Q: Does this work as an everyday alternative to a regular pack n play and will it work as a bassinet?
    A: We use it every day as a play pen and at night as a bassinet.


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