Graco Pack ‘N Play with Twins Bassinet, Vance Review

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  • Metal, Plastic
  • It’s a roomy playard with 2 cozy quilted bassinets for twins
  • Removable bassinet is perfect for napping
  • Quilted mattress pad creates a comfortable nap space
  • Double bassinet slumber dome canopies shield babies from bright light


  • No entertainment features.


Most parents would think that buying two pack ‘n play is the best option as there aren’t many high end juvenile products for twins. If they just researched enough, they would know how popular the Twins Bassinet is to the parents of twin babies. Among the common complaints about the product, some parents mentioned that setting it up could be a hassle. Some questioned its stability. But then again, I found parents to keep on using it for over two years without having a single problem with it.

In the end, I just want to say that Graco is a name you can trust. I’m saying so from my years of experience with Graco products. I’ve done thorough research on twin juvenile products, and Graco’s playard with Twins Bassinets seems to be the best pack ‘n play out there for twins. It will surely make your life with the two newcomers a lot easier.

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Full Guide for Graco Pack ‘N Play with Twins Bassinet

There are not many pack ‘n plays out there for twins, true. But you want both your newborns to grow up in a safe and comfortable environment. Well, the Graco Pack ‘N Play with Twins Bassinet, in Vance theme, might just be the solution for you. It’s simple, compact, and light. Yet- it provides the perfect cozy spots for your twins to grow up safely.

Twice the comfort, twice the love

The pack ‘n play features two removable quilted bassinets with light-shielding canopies. The domed canopies will protect your babies from bright light while they nestle in the soft quilted mattress of the bassinets.

The pack ‘n play retains its usefulness for years after your babies’ birth. As your babies outgrow the bassinets, you can simply remove them to have a spacious playard where both your babies can play, rest, and get to know each other better!

Easy carry, easy pack

Sometimes baby gears can be more of a burden than being helpful. In most cases, they are just too heavy or too big to move around in and out of your home. You wouldn’t want to carry around a playard if it causes you more pain than pleasure. This pack ‘n play’s squeeze latch technology allows you to collapse and fold it in just seconds. It fits perfectly in the carry bag that comes with it. The frames and the wheels of the playard are delicately designed to make travel more fun and less hassle. All in all, the Twins Bassinet will be a perfect companion to travel with your twins.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Does the playard have a separator or does it just turn into one playard when bassinets are removed?
    A: Just one play area. No divider
  • QDo the bassinets have legs to stand out side of the pack any play?
    A: No. It just snaps onto the top.
  • QHow do you pack up with play yard with the bassinet?
    A: Simple answer is you can’t. Only the main playard and bedding can be packed for travel.

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