Safety 1st Prelude Play Yard- Sail Away Review

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0/5 on December 20, 2016

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  • Comfortable bassinet.
  • Elevated changing table.
  • Accessory tray with mesh baskets.
    Visible secure tech lock system.
    Has stop or go wheels for mobility.
    Carry bag


  • Plastic Toybar



None of the users seem dissatisfied with the Prelude pack ‘n play. Users reviewed it to be “Pack n play perfection”, and an “Excellent Portable Baby Solution”. To be honest it was rather hard for me to find any definite complaint about the Safety 1st Sail Away.

Some users found the changing table uncomfortable and small.

Well, I say you should simply stop using the changer when your baby outgrows it!

The secure latched-lock system, the stop-or-go wheels, and the ability to fold and fit compactly in the accompanying bag- are just few of the many more awesome features that makes Safety 1st Sail Away an outstanding pack ‘n play. It will prove to be the perfect solution for the comfort and safety of the new member of your family. I doubt you can find a better one at this price!

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All of us have prominent memories of the place where we grew up as a child. The Safety 1st Sail Away will surely be a happy memory for your little one as they grow up! With its classy Sail Away theme and versatile uses- no doubt it’s one of the best selling pack ‘n play in the market!

Easy snap-on Bassinet with Toybar

The cozy bassinet of Sail Away is perfect for napping. What makes Sail Away stand out among other pack ‘n plays is its boat-like ambiance.

The dark navy nautical stripes, the charming light blue whale pattern, and the toy bar ornamenting sea themed soft toys- will give your baby the feel of a sailor voyaging through the sea on his Sail Away.

Thanks to the easy snap-on bars- the bassinet can be removed when your baby is old enough to explore the spacious playard. For baby’s sleeping and resting time- just snap it back on!

Elevated changing table with accessories tray

How is Sail Away any different than other pack and plays in the market?

Well, to start off, it’s diaper changer is elevated- leaving a generous amount of space for the bassinet to be used without having to remove the changing station.

Most pack and plays have simple pouches or sacks as organizer for baby’s essentials. The Safety 1st Sail Away features a three-compartment accessories tray for tidy and comfortable storage of your baby’s diapers, wipes, and everything else that you need to keep close by your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can the changer be flipped over when not in use or does it need to be removed entirely?
    A: It needs to be removed.
  • Q: Does this item require additional sheets, if so what size works best?
    A: No it doesn’t. The padding is soft. However I usually place a blanket in it before putting the baby down until he gets a little older.


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